Betvisa Bangladesh Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is very important in the gambling entertainment industry. Looking back, we can say that this type of leisure arose a long time ago. But recently, with the growing popularity and accessibility of online casinos, there has been a lot of heated debate regarding addiction and the protection of players.

Reasons for excessive gambling on the Internet:

  • On the Internet, a person can remain anonymous;
  • The online casino operates 24/7, and you can play from the comfort of your home or anywhere thanks to modern mobile solutions;

In this format, it is very difficult for players to notice the first signs of gambling addiction. Most people who play at online casinos enjoy the process without compromising their health or well-being.

Problems arise when the game becomes uncontrollable: a person ceases to control the frequency and duration of the game and cannot resist the temptation.

Responsible play at BetVisa online casino - general information
Ways to recognize BetVisa gambling addiction - how to understand if the user is addicted

Therefore, it is very important for the player to detect and recognize the first signs that indicate the emergence of addiction. Remember that the earlier a problem is found, the easier it is to deal with.

To help determine if you or your loved ones are addicted or not, we at Bet visa offer a list of questions:

  • Do you often have thoughts about the game (thinking about the process, the size of the bets, scrolling through past games, etc.)?
  • Have the last attempts to control or reduce the game time ended in failure?
  • Do you get irritated and/or anxious when you have to end a game?
  • Do you often try to win back lost money with new bets? Do you borrow money?
  • Are you honest with yourself and those around you about the time you spend at an online casino?
  • Have you ever cheated or violated the law in order to get money to pay off debts?
  • Have your relationships at work/family deteriorated lately?

If you answered yes to at least five questions, we strongly recommend you contacting a specialist who, during a personal conversation, will be able to determine the severity of the problem and outline steps for further action.

Betvisa is committed to responsible gaming and helping fight addiction. The company has set a number of restrictions for user safety:

  • Access to gambling can only be obtained by an adult.
  • Each user can only own one account.
  • There are limits and conditions for processing financial transactions.

An easy way to control the amount of money you spend on gambling is to set limits. The amounts and validity period differ in different casinos. For example, you may decide that your weekly budget is ৳1000. Thus, if you use all these ৳1000 within 7 days, you will not be able to play the rest of the time. You can also limit the frequency of deposits and the maximum loss limit, when it comes not to the amount of bets, but to the money lost.

Restrictions for BetVisa players - how the online casino will keep Bangladeshi players from becoming addicted
Controlling safe gaming at BetVisa - tips and self-monitoring

Be sure to consider the following:

  • The maximum bid limit and the period of their validity start working immediately.
  • The maximum period is 7 days. This is most likely due to the fact that players must make a conscious decision about the size of the limit and be able to change it if necessary.
  • In addition, you can limit the amount of possible losses. In this case, all bets made do not count.

Gambling can be addictive. Always control the time spent in the online casino and do not let it go beyond the deadlines you have set. If you feel that the game is getting more and more addictive, seek qualified help immediately.